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About Jake's Bath House

At the core of our business, the well-being of pets is our highest concern. We are more than just a preferred destination for pet grooming; we stand out as the top choice for acquiring high-quality pet food and supplies for both cats and dogs. Living by the motto, "The best for our pets, or it doesn't make the cut," we are devoted to the health and joy of your pet family.

Our dedication goes beyond offering premier products. We serve as a source of expertise, guidance, and tailored service, always ready to share recommendations on superior products, fulfill specific requests, and provide advice tailored to benefit your pets the most. Their welfare is our foremost priority, guiding every decision we make.


At Jake's Bath House, we believe that pets are more than just animals, they are family. That's why we offer a variety of services including do-it-yourself wash stations, baths, nail trimming, and even spa days for your furry friends. Our small but dedicated team is proud to be a women owned small business. We also offer a wide range of dog accessories, treats, toys, clothing and and even gifts for owners!! Come visit us and see why we are the go-to spot for pet lovers South Florida!

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